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The Villas at Hamilton is an Affordable Housing Community. For an applicant to be income eligible, their total household income must be equal to or less than the applicable income limit. Below is a list of income and assets that will be included to determine eligibility.

INCOME - Income is defined as any type of monies that are received on a regular, periodic basis and include:

Self employment
Veteran’s Administration, GI Bill, or National Guard/Military Benefits/income
Social Security
Disability or death benefits other than Social Security
Public Assistance
Alimony / Spousal support / Child support
Periodic payments from trusts, annuities, inheritance, retirement funds
Pensions, insurance policies, or lottery winnings
Income from real or personal property.

ASSETS - Assets are defined as any lump sum of money that is accessible to the individual and include:

Cash held in savings, checking, other accounts
Equity in real estate or other capital investments
Stocks, bonds, CDs
IRA & 401K
Retirement & Pension
Cash value of life insurance
Mortgages held